TeeRoy's 2 Cents: RUMOR REPORT

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All the gossip, dirt and drama on Hollywood, hip-hop and R&B’s top stars:

Two guys from Machine Gun Kelly’s crew were hit with two counts of felony aggravated battery for beating up Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez back in 2018. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison. 

Tyler The Creator says don’t hold your breath on a Odd Future reunion. He says he thinks everyone is “kinda past that” and even if fans are nostalgic for the past, it probably wouldn’t live up to the expectations. “We don’t always need a Bad Boys 5. Even though I liked the last one… Honestly, the Odd Future tapes weren’t that good. It was just a fun time, but musically, it’s like ‘Uh, coulda did better.’” 

GUESS WHO?:Cardi B says this New York rapper, who some fans felt was snubbed from the recent Birds of Prey soundtrack, is “up next.” Can you guess who? The answer is…Rico Nasty!

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