CHAKA KHAN: Afflicts National Anthem on NBA All-Star Game

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Next time, if she’s given another chance, Chaka Khan might reconsider going without accompaniment.
  • Chaka made Demi Lovato’s Super Bowl rendition as Grammy-worthy. Demi nailed the anthem and finished in less than two minutes.
  • “America the Beautiful” is a better song. When will the United States finally make it the official national anthem?
  • At last summer’s World Cup championships, each nation was allowed 90-seconds for the playing of their national anthem. Chaka Khan took twice as long at the NBA game.

Sunday night, at the NBA All-Star Game,Chaka Khan sang the national anthem. She joined the ranks among the worst “Star Spangled Banner” renditions.

It was just two years ago that Fergie murdered the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game. The players struggled to control their laughter. The same was true for Chaka Khan moment in the spotlight. The NBA stars fidgeted nervously and averted their eyes while she stretched the song for three tortuous minutes.

Sports radio host Josh Beard tweeted, (quote) “I wondering how many hours Chaka Khan spent watching Fergie's National Anthem performance and said, ‘Hold my beer’ #NBAAllStar2020”

Last week, Chaka was unmasked on The Masked Singer.Viewers were shocked to see how badly a 10-time Grammy winner had performed. That should’ve warned NBA All-Star Game organizers to search for a last-minute replacement to sing the national anthem. (The Wrap)

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