Sylvia Darlene Denis, Also Known as Sylvia Darlene was born in The Bronx, New York to both parents who are Caribbean descent. She now resides in Columbia, South Carolina with her mother and older sister. Her mother decided to move to the south to provide a better life for Sylvia and her sister. She attended an HBCU and studied Business Administration concentration in management at Benedict College class of 2013. She graduated top of her class and also received job offers in her major once she graduated. After college she went into retail management for 7 years, throughout her time in retail management she started getting exposed to doing media work at local events. Later she became a videographer / social media content brand ambassador. Sylvia started attending local events to capture behind the scene footage which lead her to be a visual media artist for content and graphic design logos. With being a visual artist Sylvia felt she wanted more for herself and wanted to inspire others and help individuals in the community.

What inspired Sylvia Darlene to do Radio Personality was her drive and ability to be able to connect with people and also willing to learn everything there is to learn about the radio industry. It was the love of music and her interest for celebrity interviews and documentaries that gave her a feel to inspire others to tell their story and showcase their talents. Sylvia began podcasting which gave her the recognition to be consider to radio. Its also landed her to host the top local events, corresponding red carpet events which led her podcast to be featured in the Free Times newspaper. It was also Sylvia’s presence and voice that was the key that landed her as a radio personality. She did her research and always stayed current on the latest news that lead her to have high views and audience engagement on her podcast. Sylvia Darlene has a voice and personality that is contagious. She is loving, hardworking, and came from a humble beginning. Sylvia Darlene goal is to make a difference and to pursue acting and radio personality through television and to be a household name in the entertainment industry.

Favorite Quote: If you believe it, you can see it. Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Follow your dreams and don’t give up!