Kevin Hart Caught Cheating (Recap)

A sex tape was released yesterday (Sept 18) of what appeared to be Kevin Hart and who we learned as, a stripper name Montia Shabagg, 27. She lives in Long Beach, CA and met Kevin during a pretty wild weekend in Vegas back in August. 

The first frames of the 4 minute and 47 second video are a pic of Kevin and Montia. You can't see who's on the bed during the most explicit portion of the tape, but after the bed scene 2 people who look like Kevin and Montia are walking around in various stages of undress. 

She denies she had anything to do with shooting the video, but authorities are not so sure. Reports say there were other people present during the weekend and investigators are tracking them all down, with the intent of serving search warrants as quickly as possible.

Reportedly, Montia lawyered up almost immediately after Kevin's team contacted her, and her lawyer said she would sit for a lie detector test if Kevin paid her $420,000.

Our sources say before making a multi-million dollar demand to Kevin in return for keeping the video a secret, the extortionist tried to get at least one media outlet to pay $15 million for the highly produced video.

On Monday (September 19) a poll was created to see how the world felt about Kevin Harts recent infidelity and below, Mani Millss and Dj Loui Vee shared the results and their opinions. How do you feel?

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