Get Paid $45k To Watch Reality Shows About Love. Details Here.

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Need some extra money?! Well here is your chance - a company is looking for a "Dating Show Dissector"

Dating app POM, aka "Power of Music," is on the look-out for a reality TV fan who can sit through stints of Love Island USA and The Bachelor—for $135 an hour. I could TOTALLY do this...if I didn't have a full time job and a child HAHA!

The idea is for the dating show aficionado to pinpoint where contestants are going wrong on their quest for love, to help singletons not to make the same mistake.

The things people learn will be shared with other users of the app!

So what are they looking for?

"Our ideal candidate isn't someone that loves reality TV simply for the gossip and drama but someone who really enjoys these kinds of shows for the insight it gives into human behaviour, especially when it comes to dating," and a Passion for writing!

Apply HERE by January 28th and must be 18 or older!

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