Rod Wave Responds To Boosie Badazz's Threat To Sue Him

Rod Wave & Boosie Badazz

Photo: Getty Images

Rod Wave has responded to Boosie Badazz after the seasoned rapper told fans that he's planning to sue several artists for copyright infringement.

Over the weekend, Boosie was on Instagram Live when he told fans that he knows of at least five artists who've used his records in their music. When a fan brought up Rod Wave's "Long Journey," Boosie named Rod as one of the artists on his list. In the early hours of Monday, November 20, the Florida rapper took to his X/Twitter account and told Boosie he didn't have to sue.

"This s**t got to stop man," Rod Wave said in the video. "Man you don't gotta sue a n***a like me. I'mma pull up... i'll pull up on you bro. Tell me a number. Tell a real number though."

The song in question appears on Rod's latest album Nostalgia. It interpolates the chorus from Boosie and Webbie's song of the same name. Boosie emphasized that he's not angry at the artists for using his music. He's just mad that he wasn't credited in the music and is taking legal action to protect his business.

“Rod Wave ain’t the only one. Y’all better do y’all research. I done got paperwork on the way. Lot of people, it ain’t just Rod Wave,” he said.

“I love when they do that s**t. They be giving my flowers,” he continued. “I be liking that s**t when I hear it. It’s just, you gotta compensate me too. It’s a business.”

Rod Wave's response comes hours after Boosie made similar allegations against Kodak Black. Boosie tagged Kodak in a post on X/Twitter and highlighted the similarities between Kodak's "Eaze Your Mind" and his "Let Me Ease Your Mind" off his 2008 project Lil Boosieanna Part Two. See his post below.

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