Rick Ross Reacts To Unexpected Fan Who Parachuted Into His Car Show

Rick Ross

Photo: Getty Images

Rick Ross has been on a mission to find out who was brave enough to make a rare entrance into his car show last weekend, and he finally found him.

On Tuesday, June 6, Rozay posted a photo and video of the man who arrived to his car and bike show by parachute. The man landed onto the bawse's property in a white jumpsuit and matching helmet with a motorized propeller and a multicolored parachute on his back. He also got ahold of footage of the man flying over Rozay's property in his powered paraglider. It also shows what happened after he successfully landed at the car show.

"The one request I have is someone send me the footage of the gentleman parachuting out of the plane that landed in the backyard during the car show," Ross said in a video after learning about the man's entrance. "Now I said to myself, please, please don't arrest the parachuter! No, I don't know them. The only thing I don't like about it is he didn't tell me what time to expect him jumping out of the godd**n plane and landed in my backyard."

Ross went on to say that people shouldn't hop the fence to get into his annual car show for free. He's also not advertising for people to enter via parachute. However, if someone else gets that idea in the future, he'd appreciate the heads-up before the show begins.

Outside of the unexpected guest and reports of the neighbors' complaining about trash on their streets, Ross' car and bike show turned out to be a complete success. Even law enforcement praised the artist's team for executing the event without any major issues.

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