2Pac's Biological Father Reacts To Negative 'Dear Mama' Lyrics About Him


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Despite the lyrics in 2Pac's popular song "Dear Mama," the late rapper's dad is alive and well. Now, his dad is sharing how he feels about the record nearly three decades after it impacted the world.

During an interview "The Art of Dialogue" published on Tuesday, June 6, Tupac Shakur's estranged father Billy Garland shared his thoughts about his son calling him a "coward" on the song. At the time, Garland was initially upset because he had no idea where his son was located from ages 3-18. Once he realized that someone lied to him about his existence, he began to understand.

"At first, I was upset ’cause I’m trying to see you and, you know…but then it hit me," Garland said. "For one, I ain’t dead, so you really didn’t know me. Because if you would have known me, you would know that I wasn't dead. So I knew there that someone had lied to him from that point."

"Later on, when I found out that somebody did lie to him, that song made perfectly good sense," he continued. "I understand it totally. When I hear it now, I laugh. I still love that f**king record though. I love it. I do. I listen to his music daily. Every freakin' day. And I like it. Then it hits me, he's my son. It’s a twin thing."

"Dear Mama" was released in 1995 as part of 2Pac's Me Against The World album. On the song, 'Pac raps "No love for my daddy because the coward wasn't there/He passed away and I didn't cry, 'cause my anger wouldn't let me feel for a stranger/They say I'm wrong and I'm heartless, but all along I was looking for my father, he was gone." Garland wasn't able to establish a proper relationship with his son before the revered artist was shot and killed in 1996. That didn't stop him from loving his son's music and films. In a separate clip, Garland admits he cried when he first saw 'Pac in the movie Juice.

See more from Billy Garland's recent interview below.

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