A$AP Rocky Says More Collaborations With Metro Boomin Are On The Way

A$AP Rocky & Metro Boomin

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A$AP Rocky just appeared on Metro Boomin's new album, but there are more collaborations between them coming soon.

On Tuesday, December 6, GQ released its interview with the new father, who discusses the direction for his upcoming album. After he reflected on his latest collaboration with Metro and the late TakeOff, Rocky said that more joint efforts with the super producer are on the way. In fact, Rocky said his upcoming album might as well be called Flacko Boomin.

“We got other s**t, and it’s crazy. You gon hear it,” Rocky said.

“I'm gonna put it to you like this: This next album needs to be just called Flacko Boomin, you hear me?” he added. “Most artists wanna make [collabs just because they’re hot]. For us, it’s like, that’s really my n***a.”

Rocky teamed up with Metro Boomin for the Atlanta beatmaker's song "Feel The Fiyaaaah" off his recent album Heroes & Villains. It's TakeOff's first posthumous song since he was shot and killed in Houston last month. The A$AP Mob boss said he met Take several times over the years but didn't know him that well. Still, he feels terrible about how he passed away and is thankful that Metro connected them in the studio a few months ago.

“‘Unfortunate’ is not the right word,” Rocky said. “It's heavy, bro. I'm not about to gas it like I knew Take very well. I’d met him throughout the years but I never got to work with him on a one-on-one basis until a few months ago... We lost somebody ill and I'm still not over what happened to him. And I'm really sorry for that loss. I can't thank Metro enough for linking us.”

Rocky also said that his other deceased friend A$AP Yams will have a major presence on the album. The Harlem native explained that Yams is the reason why he first connected with Metro in the first place.

“Yams linked me and Metro in 2012,” Rocky shared. “This is before he's working with a lot of people in Atlanta. He was still in college. A$AP Yams told me Metro was gonna be Metro. He was like ‘This is the kid I'm telling you.’ So, Yams wanted this.”

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