Kanye West Unveils 'DONDA' Stem Player With A Surprise Song From Andre 3000

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Kanye West is transforming from music artist to a fashion and tech mogul right before our eyes. On Tuesday, the "Jail" rapper's DONDA Stem Player finally arrived at the homes of fans who ordered one back in August, and came fully equipped with three new songs, plus a surprise verse from Andre 3000.

Fans took to social media to show off their new Stem player, an innovative device that allows users to curate their own listening experience by customizing individual components of a song. The dope features include the ability to “control vocals, drums, bass, and samples” and “split any song into stems."

Andre 3K's verse on isn't the only new track available on the Stem player. One fan revealed, "A new version of 'Abandon Your Family' with different lyrics that we heard before during the Listening Party is available on the stem player." While another Twitter user gushed, "'Up From The Ashes' also appears on the Stem Player, as it uses the OG beat."

“Up From the Ashes” is a song originally recorded for Ye's previous album Jesus Is King, while “Never Abandon Your Family,” which was played during Kanye’s first Donda listening session in Atlanta back in July, was updated and added to the device. The DONDA Stem player was developed by Ye’s Yeezy Tech brand and the electronics company Kano. It's release was announced just days before the Grammy Award winning rapper officially released his highly anticipated, 10th studio album on streaming services.

Check out the The DONDA Stem player, available now for $200 via Kanye West's Official Website.

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