Alex English Basketball Camps - Columbia and Lexington

The Alex English Basketball Skills Camp is designed to challenge all levels

of competitive basketball with influences from Alex English’s own training regimen, experiences, and lessons learned from his 30+ years of playing and coaching in the National Basketball Association. Staff will teach fundamental skills giving campers focused, intensive training that is essential to growth. With special guest speakers, giveaways and more, AE camp is dedicated to teaching young Men and Women to be well rounded, team oriented, basketball players with a heavy focus on the fundamentals of the game.


Dribbling | Ball Handling | Passing | Shooting | Rebounding

Offense Defense | Screens | 3 on 3 | Half Court Games | 5 on 5

Full Court Games | Free Throw Contests | Skills Challenges

Game Situations | Advanced Techniques | Mental Toughness & Discipline

There are two camps, Alex English Basketball Skills WEEK CAMP at Cardinal Newman in Columbia, SC and Alex English Lexington Camp in Lexington, SC at Pleasant Hill Middle School.

More information and registration at

Alex English Columbia Camp

Alex English Columbia Camp

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